Quilled Gift Boxes

Quilled Gift Boxes Pic 1

Yey Yeye Yeyeee… We are heading towards a new new brand new year !!! Hope you all had a good 2013 and you were able to achieve all your goals that you had planned for… So with all the excitement in the air, here we are celebrating and planning for Christmas and New Years..Surely everyone is excited to welcome the year 2014. We at Rumgin’s Craft believe in making life easier  with handcrafted items and so are trying to simplify the process of gifting this year end…

Rumgin crafts have come up with these unique and newly styled quilled boxes which reduce all your effort of wrapping and decorating a gift to make it look pretty.. Many of us love gifting but going through the long and tedious process of wrapping stops us from gifting and we end up not gifting at all.. So Rumgin’s Craft decided to make these boxes and these boxes are an all time short-cut to the gifting process..

Quilled Gift Boxes Pic 3

Quilled Gift Boxes Pic 2

Quilledgiftbag collage

Quilledgiftbag collage1

Let us know how you like them..Multiple sizes make it a lot easier to give away different kinds of gifts.. 😀 😀


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