Organizing Hair Clips

So guys many of you must be wondering why is Rumgin’s craft hosting its products under Ginsdesk as well. Now the reason is that Ginsdesk is the umbrella brand under which comes Rumgin’s craft. Ginsdesk will be launched soon which will also encompass a section on organizing. Until then from time to time Rumgin’s Craft will keep posting some tips and ideas on effective and cheap organizing .

Today, for the first time, we are  posting on a topic of organizing. We here believe that organizing can also be done from hand-crafted items. For instance, the newspaper basket  which we had showcased in one of the earlier posts, can be used for storing craft supplies. Similar to this, we had also posted about multiple uses of hand woven basket which again is great to organize things. There are many more such ideas in which one can make use of the handcrafted items that we create at home. For those who don’t have the time to create it at home, Rumgin’s Craft is already selling these Handmade craft items for organizing which give your house a unique look. (For any purchase enquiry Mailto:-  Have a fun week guys 😀 😀 Keep Organizing.

Organising Hair Clips Pic 3

Organising Hair Clips Pic 2

Organising Hair Clips Pic 4

Organising Hair Clips Pic 5

Organising Hair Clips Pic 1


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