Handmade Passport Size Photo Holder

Passport Size Photo Holder Pic 5

Hey guys due to the festivals Rumgin Crafts could not post the last travel essential on time and is a bit late. But I am sure you would love this one too. Looking at the first picture of the product, one would be left to wonder what is this exactly?  Yes! as is mentioned it is a picture holder and from further pics of the product you can very well understand how it contains/stores pictures.

Like I had mentioned before, many of these travel essentials can also be used in our daily lives. For instance, many of us could need these passport size photos while filling up forms or getting a new connection. Some of us like to carry them in our handbag all the time. But since I like to carry only stylish and not so common stuff I decided to make this holder which is so bright and nice. Not only does it contain so many pictures but the right hand side of the flap also shows whosoever’s  pictures you will find in it. Why should we carry our pictures in those old and boring tiny envelopes which we get from these studios.

Passport Size Photo Holder Pic 2

It was that day when a friend was accompanying me for bank work and then suddenly I got this holder out of my purse when she for a second was surprised and asked what is this? Later she was like wow, I didn’t know we could keep pictures like this as well 😀 😀

Passport Size Photo Holder Pic 4

Passport Size Photo Holder Pic 3



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