Handmade Card Holder

Personal Cards Holder Pic 7

Continuing this weeks posts on travel essentials this time we have an awesome and light weight cards holder. No one can deny that almost all of us carry a lot of credit and debit cards along with which we have in-numerous membership cards from different branded outlets. And you never know when you end up needing them, after all there are a number of cool outlets on every airport (LOL who doesn’t love shopping).

Personal Cards Holder Pic 6

I love to carry my cards with me and so do many of us. Hence rumgin crafts came up with this cool idea of a card holder which does not make your wallet/handbag heavy by just its own weight plus the weight of the cards, since it isn’t made of the usual leather. This one is handmade and adds color to your handbag. As a personal preference I do not like to carry my cash and cards in the same purse, so I carry my cards separately.

Personal Cards Holder Pic 5

People who love handmade stuff and love organizing will surely go for this one.

The mini holder is mostly of use when you are just going at a corner shop or a nearby market to buy something. So it is meant to store a max of 3 cards. For me those would be- My ATM, Pan Card and Driving License. These 3 cards are the ones I carry all the time with me, so I put the small one inside my wallet. 😀

Personal Cards Holder Pic 3

Personal Cards Holder Pic 2



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