Paper Orchid


Learning orchids wasn’t a very difficult task although arranging these in a proper pattern is a tough one. After giving it a lot of thought I came up with the below idea and that is to make a wreath and a candle arrangement from these beautiful orchids.

Pictures in this post show how to arrange them in a nice fashion. I made use of only one color of flowers but one can mix and match colors. Throwing a party anytime soon? Why not make use of these flowers to arrange around your candles and then showcase it on your dining table. Even better use these candles to brighten up all the corners of the house, if the dinner is meant for special someone.



If the concept of using candles does not suit ones requirement, these could also be used as small wreaths to decorate corners of the house for that one day/night. So to add color to ones house these are a very good and elegant option.



I have decided to decorate my house around the time of diwali so when people visit my place they feel fresh and bright.


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