Multipurpose Handmade Basket


Baskets are my all time love and after having tried my hand at the newspaper made baskets, I wanted to learn a new kind of basket and so I learnt these baskets out of brown paper. And the best part is that they have a very different style of weaving and are extremely firm and sturdy.

I am so fascinated with the great number of uses of such baskets. More so for people like me who are obsessed with organising. I can so easily categorize and store my stuff in so many ways with things kept in their respective sections. So yes below are some of the many ways in which we can use these cute little baskets.


Restaurant , Cafe and bar owners who believe in unconventional style of interiors can always choose to keep some of these cute little baskets here and there in the sit out or put each on a table to give the place a rustic look and feel. For those who have colourful interiors can use the same basket but in different colors. There is so much more to such baskets and it all depends on what is your requirement.



For all those who want to buy these can contact :-



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