Rope design tote bag


It was a visit to my grand mothers place which got me this plain tote bag. It was lying unused in her house. I asked her for it when she graciously gave it to me. She had stitched the bag many many years ago. Since I wanted to make some design out of it, again out of waste and extra stuff lying around in the house, I chose to use a rope this time.

After having seen some brilliant ideas on Pinterest, I realized how amazingly we can use rope into decorating so many things and maybe add some unique touch to everything we create. That was when I decided to use rope for this old bag.  The technique I have used is pretty simple and easy. The simple 4 steps in the tutorial are self explanatory.


The size of the circle can be anything, it totally depends on the size of your bag and trust me you can make way more designs with the help of rope. I chose this easy one as I had less time to think and execute.

So here I have a Tote bag which can be used to carry all the stationary and awesome stuff I keep buying all the time.  😀





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