Brown Wrap Converted to Designer Wrap-Polka Dots


Few days ago I suddenly fell in love with Brown Paper and started using it to wrap almost everything and anything. I also made use of my handmade paper flowers as decoration above the wrapping. Considering the number of festivals about to commence in few days time I wanted all my wraps to be unique. Then I came across a polka dot design on Pinterest (My fav online spot these days) and decided to make use of it on my brown paper rolls which I have in abundance.

Voila!! Out came my paints with the rolls and just with the help of a round cut out of sponge I made these colorful dots on a plain brown sheet. Later I made use of other colored sheets as well which were lying waste around the house and applied the same technique onto them. I am glad I don’t really have to buy expensive gift wraps anymore 😀 I also decided to use cutouts of them onto cards and other wall hangings which we make at home. Another good use of them is to stick them onto the inside of your plain cupboard doors. It then looks awesomely bright each time you open your cupboard. Have fun making them guys..








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