Bday Invite- CHOTA BHEEM Design


It was on the event of  bday of my friends child who is about to turn five this month. He said he loves the character of Chota Bheem on a popular cartoon series here in India and so he would love to have something similar made. This was when I decided to makes these cute little colorful bday invites for him. Since he is throwing a big bday bash the number of cards required were also more. I ended up making them in 3 different colors.

The face of bheem along with the designing plus the content written inside, everything is done by hand with no use of printing at all. I wanted it to be totally handcrafted which would get all the other kids excited to draw something like this on their own. Hope all the kids joining the party have fun and love the idea of Chota Bheem  (the bday boy) inviting them to the grand ocassion. 😀 Have fun kids










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