Gift Tags Cum Decorative Extensions


Now that festivals are arriving with Durga Puja about to begin this October, exchanging gifts with friends and relatives is going to happen for sure. Every year we discuss out and chose one kind of gift that can be given to all.  However, this time we made an addition .We intend to add some personal message along with each gift. So came the idea of gift tags and extensions on top of the awesomely wrapped gifts. Expressing through personal messages makes your gift special and ensures that the recipient pays attention to it.

This was when I made these tags which are subtle in color but as the occasion demands gifts had to be a little glittery as well. So I used these golden ribbons to tie these tags to the gifts. These are just a few out of so many that I made. Other such styles will be showcased in later posts. I am already excited for the next big festival DURGA PUJAA….. Hope all the bengalis have started the preparation 😀









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