Felt Flowers


It is that time of the year when we bid goodbye to Monsoons and welcome the numerous festivals celebrated in the remaining part of year. This is also the time which is considered auspicious for all of us, when people get married and celebrate for multiple reasons. Festivities on the peak, I wanna be all geared up and well equipped for the fun festivals. We will also begin to feel the chills of winter breeze very soon (“Excited”, its my favorite season)

As a lot of my friends are getting married now, many of them have been throwing a lot of parties and so my weekends are packed to the core. However, some of the parties being a bit on the sophisticated side, made me  wear a  gown and a nice flowery dress suiting the occasion. Since accessorizing is in vogue, no dress or hair-do looks attractive one does not accessorize it  well. This led me to learn these felt flowers from Lia’s Blog. Oh! she is a big time inspiration. Anyhow, I made these flowers to be used not only as a hair accessory but I also used some to wrap my gifts which I presented to my friends. 🙂 I am so happy as I didn’t have to go out in these heavy rains to buy ribbons and decorative flowers. Hope you all like it too 🙂




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