Unique And Elegant Birthday Card

Instead of using quilling as my main styling for cards, I chose to use these paper feathers I made some time back. There is a post for the same as well. My best friend to whom I plan to give this card , loves light colors, elegance and simple designs. She herself is known to be simple yet stands out in the crowd. Keeping that in mind i chose to not make any intricate design on the card.

So to begin with, the outer portion of the card just has the feather and similar colored papers on the top and bottom which are cut outs of simple Scrapbook paper.


But one cannot forget that we have been bestys since college days and are still the same 3 years hence.  As new bies in college we were full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. I tried recreating that freshness here as well.


The inside portion where I have written the b’day wish is another paper which I modified little bit. I took a plain yellow paper and gave it a rough look by painting green on top of it in a very erratic and haphazard manner. This indicated how our college life used to be. No amount of discipline, organization in our lives existed, LOL. Things used to happen in a spur of a moment and decisions were taken in a split second. All of which perfectly comes out of the background paper used for the b’day message.

There is a story behind the smileys as well.  I have used them as as symbol of the fact that despite the ups and downs that we have faced in our individual lives, we have always emerged smiling and till today remain the best of friends.


She loves reading, one person who can give up on sleeping, eating, anything for that matter but reading. Hence the bookmarks, which are way too simple and cute ( at least i think so 🙂 )


I hope she likes it and the reason why I am writing all this here is because she isn’t in  my city and if she does not receive my card on time, she can always see it online 😀


2 thoughts on “Unique And Elegant Birthday Card

  1. […] I have been mentioning in my earlier posts about how feathers could be used in multiple ways.. Paper Feathers is one such post.  Although here I wanted to show another style of using these feathers. More so how unique they look when used over gifts as adornments/decoration. If you like to be simple but different with your gifts then this is the best way to go about them. I have also used these feathers earlier for card making. Check out this post for more on that- Elegant birthday card. […]


  2. dearest Gini!!!

    i just love the what u have made and i just adore what u have written… m so thankful for the fact that u are always by my side thru thick and thin… college, then life seems just not possible without u… i love u so much!!! and let me just say that u r super talented and you are so creative…and i really want the world t c that and appreciate u for the same…


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