Paper Feathers



Using paper and creating stuff out of paper is what I fancy most. The other day I had to send a card to my friend along with a gift. Now that she has already seen so much of my quilling work, I wanted to do something different and that is when I came across this new style of art. I have a lot of multi- colored sheets and mostly end up using them only in cards. This time surprisingly and very happily I have to say I came across these colorful feathers. 😀

I realized I could not only stick them on a card but also stick on a gift item, making my gift wrap so much more stylish and elegant. A feather wreath can also be made out of these and trust me it looks so much more beautiful. For those who are looking to make their gifts and cards colorful yet simple and fresh then go for this one..

Making this new styled colorful feather isn’t that complicated. How to start?

First of all I found out a template of feathers online, easily available on Google. There are 2 ways from here on, first you could simply print this template on the same colored sheet you would want to use for your feather or else the second way which I adopted in making this is, I traced the outline of the feather directly from my Laptop Screen onto a tracing sheet (I mostly use this strategy for my art since I don’t have a printer).


Next you have to draw this template with the help of your tracing sheet on to your paper chosen to make the feathers.


And now the last step- cut out the template with the outline first, fold from the center to give it a natural effect and then cut fringes on both sides of feather to add the details. And it is done..Tadaaa.. 😀




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