Best MOM Card

WP_20130802_006WP_20130802_008Best MOM Card

This time i made this card for a very special person i believe in everyone’s life our MOM’s. After having spent about an year and a half away from my family, i decided to make this special card for her, expressing my love for her. Not only love but also her teachings which i alwayz kept in mind and managed such a long time all by myself..

Now coming to the card, it is a combination of loopy flowers and the normal quilling. The text “Best MOM”  is  written on another yellow paper to which i gave a purplish metallic effect by painting it. Later i cut out a piece and stuck it on the main card and then wrote my text.

The toughest part was the arrangement of the flowers on the card. Making the flowers wasn’t that complex as was  arranging them in a unique fashion which i eventually managed 🙂

So lemme know guys what do you think??


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