Anniversary Card

2013-04-13 16.09.412011-01-02 08.02.31Card Made with Quilling

This was my second attempt at quilling.. This was for the first time i got a quilling tool in my hands. Up until now i didnt think of buying one.

I decided to use a tool this time.. Till now i was under the impression that a tool will not make much of a difference.

I purchased proper quilling strips from Staples and borrowed the tool from my landlady who is also into craft work.
I had a motive in mind when i started to make this one. I just wanted to try something different and wanted to make a card for my boy friend M.
He is fond of hand made stuff, so here i started…

SO guys what do you think, how did it turn out to be?

This was our anniversary card.. Not too bad eh??

More to go as anniversaries never end ;);)


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