Paper Made Wall Hanging- Swirly


After so much of learning about the quilling technique i thought of learning something new.. This time i wanted to make something for my room.. I finally made this hanging for myself.. And can you believe, all it required was a colored paper and a pair of scissors.I was amazed when i learned this particular one.

Now this is hanging which i call the ” Swirly” can normally be used on festivals like Christmas. However people have asked me to make this for them for places i could never imagine.. I actually thanked them for giving me the ideas of using Swirly in not just our houses but so many more places..

A friend of mine teaches in a Primary School, so she hung a lot of Swirly’s in the kids playing area..Hence i made really bright colored Swirly’s for her..

Another friend surprisingly wanted metallic Swirly’s for her small Coffee joint which she runs round the corner.. Its amazing to know that these could be used at so many places in such a variety of ways… 😀 😀


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