Hydrangea Cover 3

A new challenge, a new passion and a totally new type of craft  . These flowers have brought about freshness into my daily crafting projects and activities. Making them made me so much happier and content that I cannot begin to explain.


I am relatively new to the flower making field of crafting. I have seen a couple of videos here and there and that’s all the knowledge I have in this .


I had been feeling the need to put some flowers on the centre/coffee table for a long time now. But due to certain reasons I couldn’t buy them. Hence I decided to make them myself. Hydrangeas being my favs, inspired the look of these.


This particular project is not an exact replica of hydrangea but it does follow the concept of closely packed flowers. The petals and the flowers as such are totally different.


Looking at the bunch, one may think that it requires making so many petals which could get tedious and boring but let me tell you it totally isn’t. It is really exciting to cut out each flower, shape the petals, layer them and finally stick that one little dot of pearl in the middle.  Although it is really difficult to wait through the process till you have them ready to be assembled into a bunch. Overall the process is fun.



I plan to make them in different colours eventually and maybe even put them out on sale. What do you guys think?



Self Closing Box

How many of  us prepare for months to make our wedding day the best day of our life? A lot of us right? Especially all the girls out there surely put in a lot of effort to make the day look perfect.


Wedding cards are a small but important part of a wedding preparation particularly in India. Everyone decides the style and theme of wedding cards according to of course their budget and individual choice of designs

For me it was always about having the cards made by hand. I believed and even do now that handmade cards are ever so special than the machine made ones. But considering the practical aspect as in the large no of people that are invited in Indian weddings,  it is slightly difficult to make such large no of cards unless one has that much of time in hand.


For me the journey of making cards started when a friend suggested that I make some for her. She chose to send those only to some special guests of hers.


I have been making different designs ever since then and this time I felt that since the concept of box cards is in trend I shall  also follow it. These self closing box cards are something I came up with and I feel they suit perfectly for the purpose. Hope you all like the design and the overall look.


Decoupage Coasters

For a long time now, I had been noticing the increasing popularity of decoupage technique amongst the crafters in India. Everyone was making numerous beautiful things like decoupaged bottle or an altered tray/box using this technique.


All these creations always made me want to try this technique but somehow it never felt like the right time. The decoupage tissues that were normally available in the market didn’t really match my preference in terms of the prints and designs.


Decoupaging a bottle had become so very common that I felt I’d be just another crafter doing this. I always wanted to try my hand at it but at the same time wanted to make something which suited my needs more particularly my style of craft.


I had a set of coasters lying around the house that had gone dirty over a period of time. Giving them a makeover in some way or the other was on the list of to do’s for some time now. Then I came across these new designs launched by Itsy Bitsy which were more on the traditional side, just the way I like.  Ethnic and traditional prints have never failed to attract me. I picked one of the designs and used them over the old coasters.


The results were surprisingly beautiful !! I managed to up-do a complete set of coasters into something so very different. I made sure to use 3 coats of the decoupage glue just to seal everything well. I still don’t think these can be used under a cup or mug as that would stain the coaster. But I do intend to use it over the glasses just to cover them and also as a decor accessory in my drawing room as they go perfectly well with the colour scheme in the house.


Hope you all like them too !!



Featuring Chalk Paints4

The newly launched Chalk Paints by Itsy Bitsy changed the way I craft and brought about a touch of freshness and uniqueness to my projects. I have loved them to bits ever since I first purchased them and continue to use them in the house in different ways.


The idea of making a pot out of plastic bottle came to my mind after I got to know about Chalk Paints. The blue planter below was conceptualised when I bought Chalk paints from the store some time back.


Now, chalk paints were always a dream for me. The internet used to be flooded with many DIY projects made using Chalk paints. I would look at them and be amazed because the fact that they came in many colours and not just black was very new to me. The black board that we had in school was the only place where  I had seen the use of chalk paints as once in a few months the board  would be all fresh and newly painted. That was the only kind of chalk paint that I thought existed before I saw so many ideas online.

Now getting hold of them in India wasn’t very easy a few years ago until one fine day when I visited the  Itsy Bitsy store in Bangalore. This usual visit to the store led to yet another jaw drop moment right when I saw these cute tiny bottles neatly lined up close to the billing counter. But then I wondered if these would be very pricey and out of my budget but surprisingly they were just the right price if not less.


I for sure knew that I had to get them as this was almost like a dream come true. Black was the obvious choice followed by Sailing Sky ( most popular colour back then ) and few others. Shopping for craft supplies brought another level of happiness that day. I went home with a supremely happy face.




Back home, I couldn’t wait to try them . Unsure of how it would fare I went on to painting the blue paint also know as “Sailing Sky” on the newly cut plastic bottle. I kept staring at it until the first coat dried as I was highly curious to find out the results. It dried out matte, just like how I wanted it to.  Amazing results, the application looked even  and smooth, there was a matte effect on it and covered the overall plastic bottle very easily.  I went on with another coat and completed the project.



Who would have known that one of the many products launched by an Indian company could bring so much joy to me. Maybe there are many other brands selling it out there but to me these hold a special place and will always do.




Home decoration from time to time is what keeps me going in my life. Thinking about the new arrangement and new setup, keeps me excited and motivated all the time. The days when I have some idea in mind, I get super excited to be able to implement the idea asap.

Blue Lantern redecor1

These days I am working on theme based decoration and trying to understand how one can stick to a particular colour theme and decorate the house accordingly. Blue is one of the  colors that I have chosen for my current house. Mainly the drawing room and the dining room is the point of focus. I plan to keep  different colour themes for different rooms respectively.

Blue Lantern redecor2

I made use of some paper flowers , burlap sheet and a handmade matching colour frame to make this whole setup. Personally, this setup looks a bit empty to my eyes and I am waiting to get some other idea to complete the look.

Blue Lantern redecor3

The flowers bring in freshness to the whole setup and one could use them in any which way one of them being placing inside a lantern.



Back to quilling after so so long. Moving on from the love and obsession with mandala making to spiral based quilling. Yes this style of quilling is certainly in trend, and on my charts as well.

This is one type or style of quilling which is very very new to me. There are not many tutorials online which could guide through the tips and tricks. But curiosity cat couldn’t wait that long. So here came the result of first attempt at it. A blue elephant head in a geometric pattern.


Now, I know this isn’t the best as I faced a lot of challenges on the go. I had to figure out on my own as to what would be the best method to go about it. Dark blue, light blue, lemon yellow and cream are the shades I went for cuz m in love with blue these days.


Making evenly spaced out spirals requires a lot of practise by itself. Once that is achieved or once you are even close to achieving the desired look, sticking these spirals within the design boundaries is another challenge. If that wasn’t enough snipping it off at the ends where the spiral meets the boundary was making it look untidy. So I had to make sure that the part which is snipped off is right at the end of each turn and not in the middle, if that makes sense.  Those who have worked with this technique would probably understand what I mean.

All in all the process was really satisfying and I am still in the mood to work more with technique of quilling.


Diwali Cards Poster

Ok I know we still have a couple of months to go before the festivals commence. But I really wanted to share this particular creation which is something made long back.

Diwali Cards

However, there was never a time best suited to post this and in the process it never got to my blog ever. Recently, when organising my folders in my disk I suddenly found pictures of these beautiful and simple cards created for the festival of Diwali. I thought to myself there is no better time than right now and so I put them down in my list of posts for this week.

Diwali Cards

I have used a little bit of stamping and a little bit of quilling right in the centre to showcase a diya. The centres of all the stamped portions are embellished with sticky silver pearls.

Diwali Cards

They turned out pretty neat and went really well on top of Diwali gifts. These are mini cards, not very big and can be used as name tags also. Worth a try for all those who like to make cards themselves and worth a buy for all those planning for Diwali this year!!!